A Child's Imaginary Friend

Everyone knows children have a very vivid imagination and most of us have lived it when we were children. I had a very vivid imagination myself, but I also had what some people would call a make-believe friend, which turned out to be the spirit of a middle-aged man that would always get me in trouble with my parents. He would tell me to do things that I shouldn't do and prod me into doing them.

Child with a ghost like friend.

It is very important that you pay close attention to your child when he or she is playing alone, but appear to be talking and playing with someone else.

Children from the age of newborn to about six or seven years old have an ability to see and talk to spirits. At that age, they are very open-minded and interested in everything around them.

Think of your child like a robot with artificial intelligence. A child begins to learn at the moment it is born, and as it grows to adulthood. They began to learn, and to store the information in their brain. The child begins to learn certain words, forming sentences, how to eat and drink, good and bad behaviors, actions and reactions to different stimuli. They also begin to learn hate, love, happiness, sadness, fear and much more.

Keep that last paragraph in mind. Your child’s mind is open to everything around them even the paranormal. They can see and hear things that you cannot because they are so open to what is around them, and if you pay close attention to your child, you will discover how open-minded they really are.

Children can see ghost and a number of other things we can't and here is why. There's a biological theory that's actually quite convincing! Adult humans can only see 400nm - 700 nm on the electromagnetic spectrum. UVA light falls just below visible light at 400 – 315 nm. Infrared light falls just above at 750nm – 1mm. So in layman’s terms, that means that what you are able to see of this world is quite limited - there are a lot of things happening just outside your vision that you'll never witness.

Below are a few examples that are a dead giveaway that your child’s imaginary friend is in fact a spirit that they are communicating with.

Top 9 Signs You Should Watch For

  1.  Does your child have a history of not sleeping well at night, starting in their infancy and toddlerhood with not sleeping through the night.
  2.  Your child will talk to you about other people or beings that you cannot see but they can.
  3.  Your child suddenly gets nervous and scared in public places, and often they will start looking down and averting their eyes from something.
  4.  Your child frequently stares off into empty space, blank walls, or windows. Often like they are daydreaming.
  5.  Your child comes running to you fearfully while playing outside with no discernible danger in sight.
  6.  Your child talks about people, common or animals, strange creatures, etc. that you cannot see.
  7.  Your child will carry on conversations with “nothing.” Often they will be looking into blank space, a wall, door, window, or mirror.
  8.  Your child shares their food and drink with a seemingly non-existent being.