About Phantasm Paranormal

A picture of Dave Christensen, the Director of phantasm Paranormal.

Phantasm Paranormal is not your typical ghost hunting group. We have been investigating paranormal phenomena for over 20 years, and we have now gone beyond proving that ghost exists. However, we cannot prove they exist to people that refuse to accept the truth. The evidence is overwhelming that we have provided, along with the massive evidence others have revealed as well have proven their existence.

We have stepped up our investigations a notch or two. We are more interested with the spirits have to say about a number of issues. We want to know about them, their lives, their history, their experiences, and much more. We also asked questions about the other side and in some cases we get a response, but most of the time when we inquire about their side of the veil, they become silent and no longer talk to us about the subject.

We investigate historical locations such as Wounded Knee, Little Big Horn, Donner Pass, Deadwood, Fort Omaha, Fort Atkinson, along with a number of other historic locations and landmarks, old abandoned rural buildings, abandoned cemeteries, and much more.

We also investigate homicides, accidental deaths, and suicides. We can try to find out who committed the murder, or to gather some information on the suspect. With accidental deaths we can find out what led up to the accident and see if it could have been avoided, and we also investigate suicides committed by people in order to find closure, not only for the spirit, but for the loved ones that were left behind with broken hearts, and countless questions.

Places We Have Investigated

  • Fort Omaha , NE
  • Wounded Knee, SD
  • Little Bighorn, MT
  • Devils Mountain, WY
  • Mormon Cemetery, NE
  • Prospect Hill Cemetery, NE
  • Bullock Hotel, SD
  • Villisca Ax Murder House, IA
  • Blackbird Hill, NE
  • Fort Atkinson, NE
  • Ball Cemetery, NE
  • Arrow Rock, MO. (entire town)
  • Marshall Bridge, Marshall, MO
  • Donners Pass, Sierra Nevada
  • Dietz Cemetery, Ne
  • Dodge County Poor Farm, NE
  • Jordan Cemetery, NE
  • Devil's Canyon, NE
  • Hummel Park, NE
  • Warbonnet Creek Battlefield Site, NE
  • Wayne State College
  • Hartung Cemetery, NE
  • Immanuel Cemetery, NE
  • Calhoun, IA (entire town)
  • Calhoun Cemetery, IA
  • Hannah's Grave, NE
  • Rulo Jail, NE
  • Black Angel, IA