Calhoun Cemetery

Calhoun Cemetery was first established in 1884 and is located on top of a hill overlooking Willow River with an estimated 1,352 grave-sites with only one notable historic figure by the name of Isaac Parrish.

     Isaac Parrish was born in March 1804 and passed away on August 9, 1860. Mr. Parrish was a US Congressman. In 1833 he was prosecuting attorney of Guernsey County, Ohio, and a member of the State House of Representatives in 1837. He was elected as a Democrat to the Twenty-sixth Congress in 1839 and served until 1841. In 1845, he was again elected to the Twenty-ninth Congress, serving until 1847. Not a candidate for re-nomination, he resumed the practice of law and engaged in freighting on the Mississippi River until his death.

Calhoun Cemetery is quite interesting to say the least. We made approximately 10 trips out to this location during the summer of 2006. On several occasions, we would be walking amongst the grave markers and we would notice someone standing in the distance in the moonlight. As we would approach the individual, they would duck behind a tree never to be seen again. During each of the investigations, there were only four people that attended at any given time. We would split up into two separate groups, two people per group and walk up and down the roads running through the Cemetery. On multiple occasions, as we would approach the other group coming in our direction, we would notice three people instead of the usual two, and one of them would vanish as they approached. On multiple occasions, we would see orbs of light shooting across our paths and sometimes one would stop and hover above the ground approximately 8 to 10 feet for a few seconds before vanishing. Disembodied voices would also be heard on the northeast corner of the cemetery next to a steep embankment overlooking the valley.

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1. Can He Hear Us?

Male Spirit: Can he hear us?

2. Don't Make No Sounds

Male Spirit: Don't make a sound.

3. He is Allright, Please don't Wory About David

Female Spirit: He is allright, please don't worry about David

4. I Saw His Face Before

Male Spirit: I saw his face before.

5. What is That? I don't Know

Two male Spitits: #1 - What is that? #2 - I don't know.