Fort Omaha - Building 16

We were called to Fort Omaha building 16 because of the disturbances that were occurring during its remodeling to convert it into office space. Workers complained of tools missing, equipment destroyed, seeing apparitions, hearing disembodied voices, power cords being unplugged while operating equipment and other such complaints. Eventually, according to the person we talked to, the workers refused to come back to work until something was done.

Originally, building 16 was used to house staff members and their families while they were working at Metropolitan Community College which is located at Fort Omaha. We spoke to an individual who lived in the house previously with his family. He told us that his daughter had a make-believe friend that she would talk to and plays with. We assumed that this make-believe friend was a little girl from what we were told. On the first night of the investigation, we did not discover a little girl but we did discover a man. The spirit of a captain and his family still reside in the location. During the investigation, I was physically assaulted by the spirit. I was moving a sensor closer to a closet that he was hiding in. As I (Dave) approached to move the sensor, the spirit came out of the closet enraged, pick me up off the floor approximately 3 feet and through me back about 8 feet until I hit the wall. He then escaped through an opening in the wall to the lower level. Once I was able to get up, I headed outside for a little break. Around midnight, we decided to close down for the night and began to make plans to return the following Friday night, but unfortunately, that was not going to happen.

     By Tuesday the following week, we were in the Omaha Word-Herold newspaper. Someone that accompanied us on the night of the initial investigation called the newspaper and told them the complete story from our investigation. By Wednesday, the president of the university shut down any further investigations. The reason she gave for ending the investigation, was she did not want any negative publicity to effect the school’s student enrollment in a negative way.

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About the Investigation

Narration of the investigation by Dave Christensen.