Iron Horse Restaurant & Saloon

The Iron Horse Saloon is one of the most haunted places I have ever been to excluding some cemeteries. When the lights go out and everyone goes home; that is when the spirits come out from the shadows.

I have been there after closing time at least ten times. I would sit in the back room near the pool tables with only one small light on in the other room so I can see around me. I would hear the spirits walking around as they would cross the hard wood floors and the sounds of doors opening and closing are common, and some will call out my name from time to time. They are not shy around me what so ever but it took at least one year of visiting with them and earning their trust.

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1. I'll Go Change Him Soon

The spirit of a baby is heard crying and its mother says, “I’ll go change him soon”.

2. Get Out! You Got To Go

You will hear two female spirits arguing. One of the females is telling the other that she had to leave. She says, “Get out, you have to go”. At the end of the audio clip, a male spirit agrees that she has to leave.

3. Give Me A Sign

I was sitting at a table in the pool room around 1:30 AM. I could feel the spirits around me and from time to time I would catch a glimpse of one of them moving through the room. I asked the spirits to give me a sign that they were there with me, when all of a sudden, the chair next to me turned in the direction to where someone could sit down facing me.

4. I've Been Gone For Five Decades

I had the privilege of meeting a male spirit by the name of Frank. I do not know his last name because he refused to tell me what it was, and that is fine. I understand why he refused to tell me his last name. I asked Frank how long he has been gone and he replied, “I’ve been gone for five decades”.

5. I Get Really Scared

Occasionally, I will take people with me on an investigation. This time I took a couple young ladies. It was apparent to me that they were scared stiff but they tried to hide it. I sent the two young ladies downstairs to do it EVP recording. One of the young ladies made a comment about not being scared but I was quite evident she was. After she makes her comment about not being scared, a male spirit replies to her, “I don’t”. Followed by his comment, another male spirit replies, “I do”.

6. Over Here! No Way!

During an interview with Fox 42 news out of Omaha; I noticed two spirits past behind the reporter just above her head. I began telling the reporter about it and the two spirits that past behind her were quite stunned that I saw them. A male spirit makes a comment, “how did he know that”. A female spirit then replies, “no way”.

7. You Not Going To Kill Us Are You?

Two females when down the basement to do it EVP session, and they were quite nervous or should I say scared. Kathy asked the spirits if they should be worried and a male spirit replied to her question. The second female, asked the spirits, “You’re not going to kill us are you”. The male spirit replied, “of course not, don’t worry”.

8. Your Welcome

At the end of an EVP session, I told the spirits I was going to turn the recorder off and a male spirit replied, “Okay”. I then thank them for answering my questions if they did and their reply was, “you’re welcome”.

9 James!

I placed my digital recorder down on top of one of the pool tables and walked out of the room. You can hear multiple spirits speaking very softly not to be picked up on the recorder. A spirit by the name of James asked what it was. You can hear him and his very strong accent inquiring about my recorder. When he did, a male spirit called his name and began to tell him what it was.

10. Quit Talking About Me!

Cat-fight! Two female spirits were arguing one afternoon while I was at the iron horse, and it is quite clear what they are saying. Obviously, these two female spirits don’t get along.

11. Somebody Stoled Our Monkey!

In Chasers Lounge which is part of the iron horse, there was a toy monkey hanging over the bar. When someone would squeeze its right foot it would jump around and make noise. On multiple occasions, it would start up on its own without anybody touching it. Obviously, the spirits were triggering the action. Someone stole it and when I noticed it was missing, I made a comment about it being gone. You will hear me making a comment about it being missing and all the other voices you here after that are those of the spirits in the lounge.

12. The Sound Of Music

One afternoon I stopped in at the Iron Horse for lunch and left my recorder on top of one of the pool tables in the back. On the second floor of the Iron Horse back in the late 20s was a dance floor. You can hear a band practicing the tune, “When the Saints Come Marching In”. There is no way that this recording could be picking up on a neighboring building or any other source.

13. He's Right!

Over the years I have learned that spirits are restricted from communicating certain information about the afterlife. While I was talking to a reporter and telling her all about it; there are certain questions that spirits refuse to answer when they are asked. If you start asking the wrong questions, most of the spirits will quit talking to you. While I was telling her about it, a couple of spirits agreed with me and acknowledged, “He’s right”.