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Brenda Talking about Her Situation
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Robert was born on July 28, 1950 in Lou Bubbock, Texas and passed away on March 31, 2017 at the age of 66.

Robert (Bob) married Brenda on November 10, 1979 and the couple remained happily married for 38 years. I was told Robert was a hard-working individual employed by Valmont Industries for 44 years working up to being a chief inspector.

I met the couple one afternoon at a local gas station where she inquired about my interest in the paranormal, after hearing talk from some of the other town’s people. The two of us spoke quite often about it whenever we ran into each other at the station. Brenda is a very outgoing lady, but Robert on the other hand was quite quiet and reserved. I don’t think I ever really spoke directly with Robert but nevertheless, Robert appeared to be a very nice guy, and somebody you’d want to get to know. I never knew that Robert was sick until I ran into Brenda at the station where she told me he passed away. I was quite surprised by that and really didn’t know what to say, because the last time I saw him he looked very healthy.

She told me,  just prior to his death, strange things occurred in her home and she felt as if something unnatural was in the house,  and asked me if I could come over and check it out. We made arrangements for me to stop by on a Saturday night where I would perform a No Knock.

What Is a No Knock?

Here is a short explanation of what a no knock is. We tried to conduct them as often as we can in order to that we can get an idea of how many spirits are at a location. Most of the time, they yield quite a bit of information.

Spirits Voice Caught on Camera

Memorial Cemetery - 8/5/2-17 - 11:05 PM

While we were standing next to Robert’s grave at Memorial Cemetery and talking about him. I could see a number of spirits rapidly moving around us but none of them would come close enough to where we were standing. I just happened to look over the camera at one point and noticed that there was something standing behind it, but it was too blurry to make out what it was. I discovered a male spirits voice saying, “Hey”. If you listen very carefully, you can make out what he said. I also took the audio from the video and clarified it to increase the sound of his voice below in the EVP section under, A Spirits Voice Caught on Camera - "Hey".

Headsets are highly recommended

A Spirits Voice Caught on Camera - "Hey"

This first audio was taken from the first video clip above. While we were standing next Robert’s grave at the cemetery. I noticed movement over by the camera while we were talking.

You will hear some whining and some wheeling noises due to the fact that the spirits voice had to be amplified and clarified. You can clearly hear the spirit next to the camera say, “hey”.