Miners Delight

I have investigated paranormal phenomena for over 21+ years and I have NEVER, NEVER been to a place like this. You hear all sorts of stories about different experiences from ghost hunters that have been in some horrific places, but nothing like this. If someone were to tell this story to me, I wouldn't believe it.

We arrived at Miners Delight around 11:30AM on the 29th of June after driving around the back roads of Wyoming for hours looking for the ghost town, and we were about to give-up until we noticed a BLM (Bureau of Land Management) sign, and parked alongside the road next to a path going over the hill towards a small gate.

Once we walked through the gate, the path was almost a ¼ mile down the hill to a small foot bridge crossing over a creek. I wasn’t amazed at all of the underbrush that surrounded the entire area. Each of the old structures were scattered out along a path on the east side of the creek. One strange and unusual thing I did notice as soon as we crossed the foot bridge to the edge of the town was the change in atmosphere. It felt much cooler than it did on the other side. We crossed back and forth over the bridge a few times to see if it was just our imagination but it wasn’t. I soon got an overwhelming feeling of being watch by someone, but whom, or should I say what, as we made our way down the narrow path to the first old structure.

We went from building to building taking pictures as we went. I took pictures of the outside of each building along with pictures of the inside. I could feel the presence of someone in almost every one of the structures but there was one in particular that had a strong presence within. I took out the electromagnetic field tester from my pocket along with my digital recorder. After turning them on began doing a short EVP session; after a few minutes I placed the recorder down on the floor and left it for about 10 minutes before returning to get it. I didn’t listen to it at the time but I should’ have We decided to leave the area to find somewhere to eat and a place to stay for the night.

We returned to Miners Delight shortly after sundown and packed a few things into a small duffel bag to take down the hill with us. We took a few of our cameras, two EMF meters, flashlights, and a digital recorder, then made our way down the hill to the edge of the creek by the footbridge where we paused and waited for it to get darker. We discussed how we were going to go about making our way through this tiny town, and which buildings we should focus on. As we were talking, we began to faintly hear what appeared to be piano music coming from the town. We turned our flashlights on and my recorder to record the music for a few minutes before crossing the footbridge. Both of us were quite alarmed at what we were listening to and a bit on edge over it.

Before we even finished crossing the footbridge to the other side our flashlights began to flicker and the atmosphere became very ominous and threatening feeling began to overwhelm us. Once we reached the other side they were completely out. I looked at my recorder and it was out as well. We tried turning them on and off a few times with no luck, it look like we were going to have to do this investigation by moonlight. Everything that we had that was battery-operated was dead. Flashlights, digital recorder, cameras, and EMF meters were dead.

Once we crossed the footbridge we stood by the bank of the creek and discussed whether or not we were going to continue into the town. After a few minutes we decided to keep going, after all we planned this trip for quite a while and we didn’t want it to be a waste of our time. It was very difficult to see where we were going because of the narrow path with over brush on both sides of it, along with overhanging tree branches, and the only light we had was a sliver of moonlight.

Once we entered the town and began to approach the saloon the music stopped, and so did we. At that point, I knew that the spirits realize we were inside their town. I don’t know if any living person has been in the town at night or not, or if we were the first ones.

I told Leslie to stand on the path while I walked up and looked inside the saloon. When I got to the door I could not see anything inside the building. It was completely dark and void of any light whatsoever. It was like looking into a black hole. However, I did get a feeling of somebody standing in front of me and looking at me. I became very unnerved over it and walked back to the path to join Leslie. We continued through the town very cautiously and from time to time we noticed a strange shadow standing on the path several yards in front of us before it would dart away. Soon there were other shadows dashing around us very rapidly from one side of the path to the other. Both of us began to get an overwhelming feeling of a very threatening presence. After a while, the shadows appeared to get closer and closer to us after each and every pass they made in front of us as if they were trying to warn us to get out of town. At one point, it felt as if someone place their hand upon my shoulder and it startled me. I turned around and there was no one there. I didn’t tell Leslie about that because I didn’t want to scare her any more than she already was. In fact, I do believe this is a very first time that I have ever felt threatened during an investigation. At that point, I decided we had enough and was time to get out of Dodge.

We headed back towards the footbridge and once we reached the bank of the creek the strange shadows that were harassing us were gone. As we started back over the footbridge our flashlights began to flicker again and we were able to see. I shine the light back across the bridge into the town to see if I could see anything but there was nothing except the ruins of a very old ghost town, or should I say town of ghosts.

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A Night at Miners Delight (Narration)

This is a narration by me (Dave). I will give you a little bit of history about Minors Delight and a quick narration of our investigation that night revealing the most  strange and unusual things that occurred. We have been investigating paranormal phenomena for over 21+ years and we have never, ever, ran across anything like this.

1. Spirit Talks to Me

In one of the buildings along the path I felt the presence of a spirit. I took out the EMF meter in the digital recorder and requested that the spirit come close to me so that I can get a reading as proof he was there with me. You will hear me asking him to come close and the response that he gave me quite logical. He had no clue what was so he was very hesitant so he asked me, “What is that thing”. However, I didn’t think about explaining what it was to him at the time and I should have because out of his fear he kept his distance from me and I don’t blame him. He didn’t know me, so why should he trust me. You can also hear the spirits ask me who I am, “Who are you” and at the end you will hear the same spirit say the name of another spirit there with him by the name of Kevin.

2. Boots Walking

After not getting any response on the EMF meter from the spirit. I decided to set my recorder down on the floor just inside the door to see if I can pick up on him talking to someone else in the room. I didn’t pick up anybody else talking but I did pick it up the sound of his boots crossing the floor when he approached the recorder. It also sounds like quarter was moved slightly on the floor at the end when he touched it.

3. Piano Music

Prior to entering the town we stood next to the creek by the footbridge going into town. We were just sitting there looking around trying to get our eyes adjusted to the low light level around us. While we were sitting there, we suddenly heard the faint sound of piano music off in the distance towards the saloon. At first the both of us were dumbfounded and stunned at what we’re listening to. I finally got myself together and grab the recorder and turned it on. You can hear the sound of the piano along with the water from the creek.