Our Investigation Services

Below we have summarized all the places we will investigate.

Unsolved Homicides

Although local, state and federal law enforcement agencies do their best to solve these murders. Some of them will never be solved because of a number of reasons. In most cases it is because of the lack of evidence or no eyewitnesses to the crime.

Phantasm Paranormal attempts to solve some of those homicides by contacting the number one witness to the crime, the victim of the murder.

Who else would be able to supply all the necessary information for an arrest and hopefully a conviction? Spirits of violent crime usually remain in or around the location of the homicide for a period of time. Eventually, some of them return to the place that they know best, i.e. their home.

The number one thing that is very important when trying to contact the victim of a homicide is time. Time is of the essence and the sooner we try to contact the victim, the more likely we will be able to gather significant information.

Please keep in mind, there are a very large number of homicides committed in the United States that are deemed suicides by some law enforcement agencies. If you suspect a homicide was committed stead of a suicide, please contact us with your concerns.

Accidental Deaths

Accidents occur all the time in which someone is killed. Sometimes the cause of the accident can be determined by law enforcement agencies. Weather conditions, high speeds, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs are the most common causes. However, when the cause of an accident cannot be determined it leaves families, friends and other relatives questioning what happened.

Phantasm Paranormal will attempt to discover the cause of the accident by going to the accident location first to determine if the spirit of the deceased is still there. If they are not located at the accident scene, we will look at other locations that they could have gone to. Sometimes the spirit of the deceased will return to places that they are familiar with, i.e. home, a relative’s home, someone they were close to or the destination that they were attempting to reach prior to the accident.

However, sometimes law enforcement will determine that the death of an individual was caused by an accident when in reality; it was a murder or suicide depending on the circumstances and the crime scene information.


When a loved one commits suicide, it is very devastating for everyone that knows the individual. However, it also affects others as well because of the sympathy they feel for the family and friends of that individual. Most of the time, someone will show signs of suicidal tendencies that are overlooked by others around them. There are multiple reasons for someone to commit suicide but in most cases, those reasons are easily dealt with when they speak to someone and they help them to figure out a solution.

When someone commits suicide, most often they leave a note explaining why they took such a drastic action in response to their problem or problems, and sometimes they just commit the act without leaving a note or communicating their intentions with anyone.

Phantasm Paranormal will investigate a large number of different locations under certain circumstances. In most cases, we require extensive information pertaining to the requested location.

To request an investigation, or if you have any questions about what we investigate. Please contact us at Phantasm Paranormal.

Other Places We Investigate

  • Historic buildings (May need permission by property owner)
  • Historic cemeteries
  • Historic landmarks (May need permission by property owner)
  • Abandoned cemeteries (May need permission by property owner)
  • Abandoned rural schools (May need permission by property owner)
  • Abandoned rural homes and buildings (May need permission by property owner)
  • Abandoned churches (May need permission by property owner)
  • Homes prior to purchase or renting. (Need permission by property owner)
  • Commercial buildings prior to purchase or renting. (Need permission by property owner)
  • Residential Homes (Need permission by property owner)
  • Commercial buildings (Need permission by property owner)