The Suicide Of Aundrea

Suicide is something that most of us do not understand totally. What goes through the mind of somebody contemplating suicide can be quite confusing to some of us, and the reasons are numerous and a bit bewildering.

I have heard people say it takes guts to commit suicide, but in reality, it is a cowardly act. It is a last resort when someone cannot face reality. I try very hard to understand the reasoning behind suicide, and under the circumstances of Andrea and Jack; I can understand their situations. However, I don’t believe both one of them realized how much pain and suffering their love ones would feel once they were gone.

About Aundrea

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As far as Andrea (32), she was a very young woman consumed with a drug and alcohol problem, with two beautiful children, and she more or less surrendered them up. She spent time in prison because of her adiction, and her childrenthrough a lot of unnecessary heartbreak that they will feel for the rest of their lives. She took the number one thing that mattered to them away; and that was herself, their mother. She also devastated the lives of the people around her. Her immediate family, her neighbors, and her friends felt the devastation of her loss. In time the tears and the heartbreak will go away people say, but that is not true. In reality, they do not go away; we just get use to the loss of someone we loved.

Investigation Videos

EVP #1 Interview with Her Mother.

This is an interview conducted prior to entering the house. Kathy is sitting in the car with us describing an event that occurred while she was inside the house that drew her attention and convinced her to have the investigation performed.

EVP #2 Kathy Provide Information

Kathy is giving us information about Andrea that led to her suicide and she is giving us background information pertaining to her as well.

EVP #3

Jack is a relative of Andreas who committed suicide as well. I had a feeling that he could possibly be there as well. After I asked a question pertaining to Jack's suicide and Kathy begins to answer, you can hear the voice of a male spirit saying, "no".

EVP #4

During the investigation, I noticed a light flashed across one of the walls downstairs in the basement while I was trying to contact Andrea. When I asked what that white was that I saw, Andrea replied, “flashlight”.

EVP #5

When I was talking to Kathy, I asked her who else she thought was there referring to the spirits. Kathy told me she thought her mom might be there, however, you can hear Andrea say “grandma”. When I asked Kathy what her mother’s name was, she told me her mother’s name was Mary; Mary also replied shortly afterwards with her name.

EVP #6

I asked Andrea if she was safe here at the house and she replied yes. However, just before I asked Andrea the question, you can hear her say the name Tom. We have no idea who Tom is, or what relationship he has to the family if any.

EVP #7

One of Andrea’s friends accompanied us on the first investigation. You will hear her tell Andrea how much she misses her and Andrea replied to her, “Please don’t cry for me”.

EVP #8

When I asked Andrea why she took her life, she replied, “sad, so very sad”. However much to our surprise, her reply was on audible and we all heard it. At the end of the audio, you will hear one of the people that accompanied us ask, “Did you hear that”.

EVP #0

When Andrea was asked if a child by the name of Vincent was with her, she replied yes. There is one interesting fact about Vincent that leads us to believe, if a child dies very young they keep growing in the spirit world; The reason why say that, is because Vincent died from complications at birth but you can also hear an older child making a sound after Andreas reply.

EVP #9

When I was calling for the spirits of Jack, Mary, and Vincent to come into the room, we also picked up on the name of Tom. We do not know who Tom is.

EVP #10

While we were in the dining room talking, we heard coughing that appeared to come from multiple people; however, no one in the room with us coughed at all. You will hear the sound of coughing followed by the spirit of Vincent saying, “That hurt”. Vincent makes that comment twice.

EVP #11

Kathy is the name of the woman in this recording talking. While she was talking to me, a spirit called out her name, “Kathy”.

EVP #12

A female spirit will says “yes”, but we are not sure why she said it.